Sesame Seeds


With over 30 years of excellence, Alpha Commodities has positioned itself as a reliable and dedicated producer / trader in the market.


Alpha prides itself in trading select commodities from around the world and puts particular emphasis on dealing with high-grade goods and on providing quality service. Alpha controls large volumes of salt products and has decided to return to some of its past activities by broadening into selected commodities. The aim of our team is to trade as successfully in these commodities as we have been doing with salt around the world.

Alpha’s sesame seeds are selected from amongst the oldest and most reliable suppliers that have established fruitful cooperation and partnership with the company. Alpha’s team of experts performs quality control checks and visits the production and processing areas several times a year.


Alpha’s White Sesame Seeds are ideal for the production of tahini, sesame oil, snacks, and bakery products. Our sesame seeds are considered among the best sold on the market today.

Quality and reliability

Alpha is proud to offer a selection of both natural and hulled sesame of the highest quality.

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