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Alpha offers a wide range of salt types, each suited to its end use. We deal only with superior salt from trustworthy producers and our customers can rely on us never to supply bad quality salt, however scarce the supply may be. Top grade salt means smooth running of deicing spreaders and therefore greater cost efficiency.

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In over 25 years, Alpha has never failed to supply as committed. This is our biggest source of pride. Our motto is simple: "We will only commit to what we can supply".

Uses of the salt

Salt is a necessity for human life and has been an important article of trade since ancient times. Not only is it a chief commodity in the food and food preservation industries, but is also crucial to road maintenance and safety during the winter, to chemical plants in the chlor-alkali process and to water softening systems, to name but a few. Alpha Commodities offers a wide range of salt products to serve these applications, leading to a wide variety of end products indispensible in our day to day life.

Chemical Industry
Water Softening
Human Consumption
Animal Feed



Alpha Commodities is happy to announce our cooperation on the eco-friendly and highly effective premium ice melt product, BUZYAK.


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We are pleased to announce that we have signed a multi-year agreement with Med Mar Tuz San.Tic.A.S.  Med Mar Tuz San.Tic.A.S.


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FACTS magazine, issue 76 2013


FACTS magazine, issue 74 2012