BUZYAK Ice Melt Product

Alpha Commodities is happy to announce our cooperation on the eco-friendly and highly effective premium ice melt product, BUZYAK.

These green-blue crystals are an economical solution for de-icing public and private surfaces, efficiently and without harmful and corrosive effects.


The product

BUZYAK is a premium de-icing product in the form of green hybrid crystals. BUZYAK reacts quickly and is enriched with calcium magnesium acetate and calcium magnesium chloride.

It is an eco-friendly, economical solution for de-icing and highly effective in temperatures reaching as low as -21°c.

Contains calcium magnesium acetate + calcium magnesium chloride + sodium chloride and corrosion inhibitor.


Economical benefits

  • No corrosion - Repeat tests performed by the Federal Highway Administration, Transport Government Offices and private researchers in Europe and America showed that BUZYAK had no corrosive effect on steel, aluminium and concrete.
  • Efficiency – Less than half the amount of BUZYAK needs to be applied to the area in comparison to other de-icers. The granules remain on the ground, preventing accumulation of snow and ice formation.
  • Less fuel, labour and time – Unlike other de-icers, the granules remain on the surface and repeat application is not necessary.


Environmental benefits

  • The calcium magnesium components can increase permeability of the soil and benefit the soil structure. The acetate part naturally breaks down.


Where to apply BUZYAK

  • The product can be applied to active areas such as asphalt and concrete roads, stabilized roads, wooden roads, sloped roads, sidewalks, stairs, under and over passes, bridges, special application floors, tunnels, commercial areas and garages. The product has shown no harmful effects to vehicles and floors.


How to apply BUZYAK

  • The product can be applied by machine spreaders or manually by hand or shovel, to remove ice or snow*.
  • The product can safely be applied in all snow and ice surfaces*.


Important Safety Information

  • Use protective glasses, gloves and clothes during application of the product.
  • Keep out of contact with food.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Storage - keep out of sunlight, protect from heat and moisture, do not leave open packaging.
  • Do not stack one on top of another.
  • In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water, contact your doctor.
  • Be sure to read the leaflet before use.